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Breast Augmentation

What is a breast prosthesis?

Breast Augmentation; For women, the breast is undeniably very, very important. In the past and present, some women complain about a little and others about the size of the breast. The definition of the ideal breast size depends on not only the size of breast.

The breast size and shape, the size, the weight, the width of the shoulders and hips to be appropriate for the person so that the base can be evaluated. A breast prosthesis is applied to the smallness of the breast and the desired mass applied to the patient with a breast silicone implant.

How many types of breast prosthesis are there?

These implants can be different shapes and sizes. The majority of silicone breast prosthesis is made of a silicone outer shell of the part. The surface of the silicone shell can be rough or smooth. There are usually serum or silicone in the silicone skin available.

Some silicone breast prosthesis can be inflated with serum after placing the chest and some silicone breast prosthesis have a fixed amount. However, the silicone breast prosthesis most commonly used, the silicone gel-filled silicone breast prosthesis, because it is better than other implants according to scientific results.

There are anatomical (teardrop-shaped) and round shape (round) prostheses available. When silicone breast prosthesis subgroups are low, medium and high-profile yet.

Which is the better breast prosthesis form drops or round?

This is the defining issue for the person to find the most appropriate shape of the breast prosthesis. The most important point for me is to find a method of all aesthetic solutions tailored to the patient.

With whom a breast prosthesis is made surgery?

In patients with congenital Applied small or non-existent chest. It is also used to relieve the asymmetry of the middle chest area. Mainly obtained very good results in weaned breasts. Patients also the breast tissue is rebuilt after a breast cancer.

What is the goal of a breast prosthesis surgery?

As with other plastic surgery procedures of mutual trust and understanding between the doctor and patient must fit exactly. Following the consultations, the physician should know exactly what the patient wants to have breast.

The doctor has the patient’s body just make suggestions so that a proper decision can be made. After examining the structure of the body and breast tissue of the patient to jointly define the right size as a result of the need for doctor and patient together.

The original purpose of it is a natural Propotionen between the areas of the neck, shoulder and waist cut to obtain and use the best silicone breast prosthesis without damage to the milk channels and without numbness to dismiss the patient happy after surgery.

Where the incision is made in the breast prosthesis surgery?

The breast implant can be used on four different scientific parameters. These are in the armpits, the nipples by the dark colored part (periareolar), at the point where the chest with the body comes (submamarian) and at the navel together.

Here and all over the world and mostly Submamarian Perireolar is preferred.

Where put the breast prosthesis is determined?

Under a muscle in the breast tissue and a said dual plan a part of the portion of the breast tissue and the other part of the muscle, various plans are available. By the will of the person and the structure of the breast, the most suitable plan is preferred.

How long does the healing process after breast prosthesis surgery?

It’s a 1-1.5 hour procedure under general anesthesia. After surgery, you can go home but may also wish to place an overnight stay in hospital. Procedure varies depending on the person and the healing within 5-7 days, you can return to everyday life.

May cause cancer, a breast prosthesis?

Silicone breast prostheses do not cause cancer and are under no connection to each other.

Can I do an ultrasound and mammography examination easily after breast prosthesis surgery?

After the silicone breast prosthesis surgery they can perform these inquiries carried easily.

Can complications during pregnancy and lactation after breast prosthesis surgery occur?

Patients with silicone breast prosthesis surgery can be Pregnant and breastfeeding can.

Can you increase with a fat injection the breast size?

Although it is a method that is scientifically approved, I am one of the plastic surgeons that do not apply in the majority of this process. Especially on the face and hands, the fat injections are often used to provide wealth and youth.

However, when it is injected into the breast tissue, it can cause confusions for the detection of breast cancer are therefore it is not preferred. It can also occur after a long time melting fat may result in asymmetrical appearance. For these reasons, I use the technique of fat injections to enlarge breasts not.