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Body Aesthetic

Popo Aesthetics

What should be the ideal butt? Popo Aesthetics; As with all matters related to the aesthetics of the ideal shape of your butt varies depending on the patient’s point of view. However, there is a gene..


What is liposuction and with whom it may be used? The fatty tissue removed from the body with a process, vacuum process using needles of different sizes; liposuction. The main purpose of this procedu..

Laser Lipolysis



With whom a tummy tuck is performed? During pregnancy, excessive weight gain in the abdominal area, for reasons such as cracks in the skin, sagging skin by hangend abdominal muscles. A target abdo..

Hand And Arm Aesthetics

When a hand is necessary to aesthetics? Hand And Arm Aesthetics; The hands are one of the most visible parts of our body. Cold, heat, chemicals and sunlight are factors that adversely affect the age ..

Leg Aesthetics

With whom a leg AESTHETICS is used Leg Aesthetics; Some women have distorted legs, the difference in wealth between the two legs makes the bottom of the knee thicker or thinner, or the area of the hi..