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Facial Aesthetic

Ear Surgery

In a Prominent ear surgery Duch is often performed to correct this situation. Prominent ear surgery is recommended before you start with the elementary school. And thus to avoid the jeers of their fri..

Lip Augmentation

The lips are like the nose, alter the appearance of the whole face. For this reason, the lips bright, thick lips and a vivid indicator of beauty, charm and youth. While thick and fuller lips is a yo..



Forehead Lift Brow Lift

What is a forehead and eyebrow lift surgery? Forehead Lift Brow Lift; At the front lines are, depending on the length and depth of the muscles available that vary from person to person. The area betw..

Face And Neck Lift

What is a facelift surgery? Face And Neck Lift; Facelift surgery is also called “rhytidectomy.” The sagging facial and neck skin, especially on both sides of the jaw area, the sagging skin and wrinkl..

Face Shaping

What is a face design? Face Shaping; For facial shaping of the face, the length, width, front and rear head shape of the anteroposterior diameter and all angles is evaluated and planned accordingly. ..