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Combined Operations

What are combined operations?

Combined Operations; An operation to be performed under general anesthesia with a plurality of the same operations. Is nowadays very often preferred.

What beauty surgical procedures can be combined?

In fact, all cosmetic surgery can be performed in combination with other surgical procedures in appropriate patients. If we perform the combined operation is richet the body is usually an after.

If we perform a facelift, we injektieren same fat in the hands of a patient so that the hands and the face look younger. After birth not only the abdominal tissue but also the breast tissue is deformed. If you will be operating only one body part and the other Körpeteil appear much worse with time.

I have carried out during a tummy tuck for most Patietn a liposuction on the back. Once at the waist liposuction is performed, an intervention is also made on the abdomen otherwise the satisfaction of the patient is disturbed.

For most breast reduction and a tummy tightening surgery is often combined. Most will offer these surgeries performed liposuction. In many patients the appropriate cooperation is possible.

What is the healing time for combined operations?

All operations heal over a period of 7-10 days. For the patient, it is both the time and economically very lucrative. A stay after surgery for 1-3 days in the hospital compared with the combined surgery is often enough.