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Face And Neck Lift

What is a facelift surgery?

Face And Neck Lift; Facelift surgery is also called “rhytidectomy.” The sagging facial and neck skin, especially on both sides of the jaw area, the sagging skin and wrinkles is accumulated to rejuvenate the skin.

The aim of facelift surgery in against the effects of gravity and aging tackle the different areas of the face and let the sagging and loose skin look younger to remove the skin. Whereas in facelift surgery, the sagging skin is removed, at the same time, under the skin, the anatomical structure known as the SMAS, edited.

The facelift interfered with the SMAS is a much better and lasting results.

How is face lift surgery performed?

The face lift surgery is often performed under general anesthesia. But can also be performed in appropriate patients under local anesthesia. The average operation time is 2-4 hours. You can go on the evening of surgery day home or stay in the hospital overnight as desired. In the facelift surgery, the cuts are hidden from the ear, made ​​behind the ear and in the scalp.

The postoperative phase usually passes quite comfortable. In the beginning, swelling, bruising, bleeding, tightness, numbness may occur. Within the first 3 days, the swelling and bruising to go back. Within 5-7 you can return to a normal life and professional life completely after surgery..

Can Other operations be added to the facelift surgery?

An eyelid lift surgery is done usually with the facelift. So that the new structure around the face area around the eyes can be adjusted with. However, if regions for further measures needed to be seen, such as Brow lift, forehead lift and jaw lift, this can be carried out with.

To bring the jaw area usually in the form of a liposuction alone will be sufficient. In recent times, a fat injection into the pit especially during a face lift surgery, the bone of the nose and cheeks on the edge of the lip down enough done so you look more lively and youthful and to obtain a fuller face.

It is important to detect the face as a whole is to produce greater surgical solutions.

It is possible during the facelift surgery in appropriate patients a breast reduction or breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction and other cosmetic surgical procedures are performed in the same session with a single anesthesia.

Thus, a common time for the healing process of all operations will be assigned.