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Face Shaping

What is a face design?

Face Shaping; For facial shaping of the face, the length, width, front and rear head shape of the anteroposterior diameter and all angles is evaluated and planned accordingly. After the evaluation, when the jaw is seen to extend to a short implant and if it is seen along the long bone is shortened.

A cheekbone prosthesis increases the diameter of the face and can change the overall look of the face. These prostheses can be used in appropriate patients. In addition to the prosthesis and fat injections are used to define the contours of the face to change.

A fat injection is effected at the same time an increase in the brightness of the skin. In the design of cosmetic surgery you have to assess the full face and apply depending on the patient’s customized solutions.

Chin, cheek bone prosthetic surgery and fat injections are performed under general or local anesthesia and the patient is already on the evening of the same day home. Usually you can go back to everyday life after 2-3 business days.

During the facial contouring surgery can at the same time how to make a nose and facelift also performs a tummy tuck, breast reduction, breast augmentation and liposuction can be performed under the same anesthesia.