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Fat Injection

What is a fat injection?

Fat Injection; In some parts of the body too much fat cells present are removed from the body by the process of vacuum liposuction. This method call is Liposuction. In some cases, a re-injection process is performed in patients. The extracted fat is processed into the necessary part of the body injected. This process is called fat injection (fat injection).

At whom a fat injection is used?

In patients who have a pit for some reason the body, with sudden weight and to decrease to compensate for the structures of the body, the disproportional identify the problem areas first and then remove fat from the body to the existing problem by a fat to eliminate injection.

Sunken faces, plain and obvious cheek bones, bowed legs, flat hips and buttocks, due to their age such as wrinkles on the face and hands, and many more cases of surgical procedures.

How long to hold the fat injection?

A certain amount of fat is zerlosen in each case to him. Melting varies from person to person. After melting the remaining of the adipose tissue is looked at again if another procedure must be performed.

How long the healing process takes at a fat injection surgery?

In some patients, fat injection, but is usually performed under general anesthesia with local anesthesia. It takes about 1-1.5 hours. An intervention under local anesthesia, the patient can go half an hour after the procedure back to work or home. In an implementation under general anesthesia, the patient is often sent home after 4-6 hours.