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Forehead Lift Brow Lift

What is a forehead and eyebrow lift surgery?

Forehead Lift Brow Lift; At the front lines are, depending on the length and depth of the muscles available that vary from person to person. The area between the eyebrows is the glabellar and the underlying muscles, the vertical lines are lying.

Due to the advancement of the forehead skin through the ages, as well as in other areas of the face, the skin laxity and wrinkles is increased. This usually shows itself in the form of falling eyebrows. The eyebrows falling creates a tired look in most people.

In the forehead lift and brow lift surgery, the eyebrows are raised and reduces forehead wrinkles. Only in patients who suffer from a lowering brow is performed in combination with the forehead lift surgery.

How is a forehead and brow lift surgery performed?

These operations are usually performed under general or local anesthesia. In a traditional front lifting operation is carried out, an incision 4-5 cm behind the head skin in the form of a crown. It will be performed in the endoscopic surgery very small incisions in the scalp.

Only if a brow lift is to be made will be made two lateral incisions in the scalp. The raising of the eyebrows vary from person to person. When Brow lift is that it respected the lines of a person’s face as natural as possible to make it look so that the result is a success.

The procedure takes about 1.5-2 hours and the patient can possibly go home in the evening of the procedure. The postoperative period is generally pleasant.

After a smooth running after 5-7 days you can return to everyday life. After forehead lift and brow lift surgery the procedure can continue depending from person to person, 5-10 years, or a lifetime.

Can be added as a forehead lift and brow lift Opertion other operations?

In appropriate patients, further procedures such as facelift, breast reduction or enlargement, tummy tuck, liposuction and other cosmetic surgery can be performed in the same session as a single combined anesthesia during a forehead lift and brow lift Opertion.

Thus, a common time for the healing of all operations is assigned.