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Thread Lifting

Thread Lifting; Facial rejuvenation methods have been quite advanced lately and various methods have been developed. Although the methods of non-surgical facelift are very advanced, today the best results are still achieved with facial rejuvenation surgery. However, non-surgical methods are very popular and effective nowadays. HI-FU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) is the leading non-surgical facelift. Gold needle radio frequency, laser methods, PRP and mesotherapy are also used to rejuvenate the face without surgery.

Especially in recent years, thread lifting is often used as a method for face-lifting without surgery. Thread facelift method in our country with different names such as French thread lifting, face tightening. It is known in the world as a thread lift, continuous thread, spring thread and lifting thread. France occupies the first place in the development of thread face lift methods.

Non-surgical facelift is a method used for people who do not want a facelift or fat injection, do not want anesthesia, are afraid of possible negative effects of anesthesia and surgery, and have a shorter risk of want a recovery phase. A variety of non-surgical facelift methods are usually methods that can be used for anyone from the thirties onwards who do not have excessive slackness and want a firmer skin.

Thread facelifting can be applied from a similar age. In facelifting, the hanging of the cheeks and neck is corrected and in the corresponding patients even an eyebrow lift can be performed. The facelift improves the sagging of the cheeks, while the cheekbones appear fuller, resulting in a younger and more dynamic facial expression. Thread facelifting and all other non-surgical facelift methods should be planned according to the needs of the person.

How is the French thread lifting used?

The thread facelift is usually performed with local anesthesia in the clinic. If it is planned together with other aesthetic surgeries, it can also be performed under anesthesia in the hospital. Depending on the surface to be applied, the process of hanging the thread takes 1-2 hours.

Some of the threads used for facelift melt by themselves. Lately, the most common threads have been more durable and long-lasting threads. It is much more effective to use face-lifting operations with French threads because it achieves long-lasting results than with meleable threads.

For more effective results, thread lifting can be combined with fillers and Hi-FU.

Immediately after the procedure, the patient can return to social life and there may be swelling, bruising and pain that lasts for several days. Depending on the healing process, which varies from person to person, it can take several days for social life to resume.

After surgery, the results are usually quickly visible, but with the reduction of swelling, the results become more visible from day to day.

The permanent and aging protection times are reduced with thread lifting.