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Ear Surgery

In a Prominent ear surgery Duch is often performed to correct this situation. Prominent ear surgery is recommended before you start with the elementary school. And thus to avoid the jeers of their friends, a negative development of their child, the correction procedure at an age of 5 years is recommended.

If the correction of prominent ear surgery was not performed at a young age that you can catch up in age. The operation is performed under local anesthesia in children and under general anesthesia in adult patients. In surgery, the cartilage deformation are reshaped.

There are no visible signs that incisions are made behind the ear. Depending on the adjustment and the technique used, it may be required to wear a hair band for a while. It also made ​​corrections to deformities due to congenital or acquired later by disease.

Excessive expansion of earring holes and cracks through earrings are also very easily corrected with a local intervention.