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Lip Augmentation

The lips are like the nose, alter the appearance of the whole face. For this reason, the lips bright, thick lips and a vivid indicator of beauty, charm and youth. While thick and fuller lips is a youth indicator, thin lips are the wrinkles have on the lip Knew, expression of age.

Some people have thin lips, regardless of age, and some large, excessively wide lips. In both cases, you can fix the problem with very little intervention zones.

Cosmetic lip augmentation and lip Reduction methods can be divided into two main groups. They are divided into temporary and permanent solutions. Hyaluronic acid filler is a method and a time-limited treatment. The durability can be between 6-12 months.

The permanent solution can be divided into synthetic and the native tissue. Fat, fascia, known as the dermal tissue of the body can be easily performed at the lip augmentation.

For lip augmentation silicone breast prostheses can have the same features or a specially made silicone lip augmentation prosthesis will use to make bigger and thicker around the lips. With big lips one can also perform a lip reduction.

The Procedures Performed is done under local anesthesia and excess muscle tissue of the mucous membrane is removed.